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Workshops and Seminars
Houndsland Ltd and Smiley Pets present a series of Seminars and workshops by leading professionals.
For more information or to book your place, please contact Emily
  1. SATURDAY 21st January
    Craig Ogilvie
    Using interactive play to create an amazing experience to share with your dog. The workshop is aimed at dog owners who are looking to improve: • Your dog's confidence • Your relationship with your dog • Training motivation • Your dog's interest in playing with toys • Over arousal around toys • Meeting your dog's mental and physical exercise needs • Dog sport specific motivation and rewards
  2. SATURDAY 28th January
    Big Brown Dog
    Canine Massage workshop Learn a little about what is under your dog's skin and how canine massage can influence this. Increase your awareness by understanding how pain can impact your dog, both psychologically and physiologically and what you can do to avoid/reduce it. The workshop will contain both theory and practical instructions and you will go home with several massage techniques and passive range of movement exercises that you can practice on your own dog.
  3. SATURDAY 25th March
    Nick Thompson
    Holism, Raw Food & Veterinary Vaccination in the 21st Century AM: An introduction to Raw Food for Dogs PM: Vaccination in the 21st Century Questions to finish the day. Cost: £65 inc. lunch and refreshments.
  4. SATURDAY 8th April
    Robert Alleyne
    Robert will be coming to us to present on a wide range of dog training and ownership issues, full details to be confirmed Cost: £65 inc. lunch & refreshments
  5. SATURDAY 15th July
    Trevor Cooper
    This seminar is a wide-ranging mix of legal issues that are important to dog owners, including responsibilities when buying and selling dogs, liability (both civil and criminal) for dogs that harm people and animals and much more. Cost: £20
  6. SATURDAY 22nd July
    Kay Laurance
    Training Thoughtfully With her passion for understanding dogs and her experience of teaching, Kay leads the way in developing practical techniques that will leave you with and a with great sense of personal achievement and connection to your dog. Cost £65 inc lunch & refreshments

You can book any of these seminars by emailing Emily to register your interest.